Kim King's Flu Recovery Protocol

Best to be on a soft, easy-to-digest diet, or nutrient dense meal plan so the body gets to focus on healing.

It's essential to rest and sleep as much as you can.
Eating well when you're sick helps expedite the healing process. Best to be on a nutrient-dense nutrition plan, easy-to-digest food, or Whole Foods, so the body gets to focus on reducing inflammation and recovery.

Avoid anything that can cause further mucus, inflammation like refined sugar, processed food. Consume only real unprocessed Foods avoid fast food completely.


-All can be taken on an empty stomach if you wish to fast or if you don't have an appetite, just have soup or a cup of organic broth

  • Vit D3 - 2000-3000iu
  • Chelated zinc 25-40mg (2tabs)
  • Magnesium Glycinate 100mg (2-3 capsules) or chelated magnesium 400mg (1-2 tabs )
  • Vit c 5000-10000mg
  • Probiotic 1-2 capsules


  • B12 (1 capsule) - together with Whole Foods or light easy to digest food

- 30 mins to an hour after your light meal, soup or purée

  • Ashwagandha 1 capsule
  • Melatonin- 5-10mg ( 1-2 tabs)
  • 5htp 50mg (1 tablet)
  • Probiotic (1-2 capsules )
  • GABA 500mg ( 1 capsule )

Additional regimen throughout the day

1. Throat spray every 3-4hrs daily when awake
2. Gargle Himalayan salt ( mix into your warm-Luke warm water )
3. Betadine nasal spray every 3-4hrs
4. Monitor oxygen level using an oximeter

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