My name is Kim King.

I am Asia's one and only organic bone #BrothQueen! I am also a certified Gut Health Coach & Skin-Nutrition Specialist with a PN1 certification from the UK.

At home, I am a mother of three little girls (with twins) and one boy who actually happens to be my husband, Atticus. Kidding aside, we started our fasting-focused lifestyle after discovering that my mom had cancer in 2010 and I had a cyst in 2015. These life experiences inspired me to learn more about eating and fasting for health, which I used to get back into shape when I became a mother.

I launched Kim King's Kitchen to share the benefits of the fasting-focused lifestyle with the rest of the world.

At Kim King's Kitchen, we take a progressive approach to help you achieve your personal goals. We customize our nutrition plan to cater to your unique starting point and only use premium organic ingredients in all of our products.

Whether you are trying to get lean, gain muscle mass, manage food allergies, or trim down after pregnancy while maintaining milk production, Kim King's Kitchen is your partner in your health & wellness journey.

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On this site, you will find our natural nutrition and fasting-focused lifestyle products that have helped thousands of people get into shape, heal their bodies, and feel more energetic.

Thank you for visiting Kim King's Kitchen!

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