Refund Instructions for Discontinued Meal Plans

If you are entitled of a refund due to discontinued meal plans, please follow the instructions below:

Kindly send us a message via email at or message us via SMS/Viber at +639175553663. Only requests made through emails or phone numbers matching the registered account may be processed.

Please provide the following details in your message:

  1. Registered Email Address: The email address used to log in to the Kim Kings Kitchen website
  2. Name: Your full name
  3. Address: Your delivery address
  4. Order Number: The order number of your purchased meal plan

Disclaimer: If we receive a request from a registered account, we will automatically process the refund or store credit. Only unfulfilled meals beyond May 31 will be processed for a refund. Remaining meal credits will be tallied after May 31st, and refunds processed up to June 7th. An email or Viber confirmation will be sent to your chosen communication channel along with transaction details.