Jello Broth (500ml)
Jello Broth (500ml)
Jello Broth (500ml)
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Jello Broth (500ml)

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New to the Broth Lifestyle? Try our Jello Broth, a gelatinous and concentrated mix that is equally nutritious and rich in collagen as our liquid broths. Jello Broths are made from natural chicken feet and bones. 1 bottle can make up to 10 cups.


1. How long does the Jello Broth Last?
✅ Jello Broth will keep about 2-3 months Unopened in the refrigerator if you chill it properly.

2. How long does Jello Broth last once opened?
✅Jello Broth will last up to 5-7 days once opened.
✅Keep it chilled.

3. Can Jello Broth be carried in domestic or international flights?
✅It is not advisable due to external factors that may affect the quality and temperature of the Jello Broth.
✅Hold time is up to 2 hours only.
if you must travel the jello broth, maintaining temp of -5 to 0 deg C is a must. and in order to do it, it must be in constant ice/ dry ice at all times.


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